Technology Consulting and Software Development Services.
Turnkey solutions for Industrial and Enterprise Management, Mobility and Systems Integration.

Solutions for insurance companies

New solutions for the insurance sector.


We apply quality methodologies and processes that make the systems robust. We provide validation and certification mechanisms for software developed by Delonia or third parties. In addition, we intervene in other projects to solve specific problems.


Our solutions are not only fast and efficient, but also tailored to the customer’s needs and fully customizable. Success in the project translates into customer satisfaction. We are always driven by the desire to provide solutions to problems.

Delonia Magazine

Estoicismo y software

Stoicism and software

Stoicism is based on four principles: wisdom, courage, temperance and justice. Although the ideas of Diogenes, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius or Seneca are more than 2000 years old, their teachings not only do not go out of fashion but have nowadays gained an unexpected...

Digital Veterinary Card

Digital veterinary record book and interconnected networks of veterinary centers

Delonia se asocia con AGERS

Delonia partners with AGERS

Delonia Software, as of April 2024, has been associated with AGERS The Association of Risk Managers of Spain, an entity that represents the country's global risk and insurance professionals. This is an important step for Delonia, as it is one of the key areas for the...

Importance of communication in IT profiles

In any walk of life, (good) communication is vital. If we take construction as an example, we can speak of the chain: architect-construction manager-worker. Similarly, the communication skills of a technology project team play a huge role in the success or failure of...

Delonia together with ViDAL Vademecum at Inforsalud 2024

Delonia attends Inforsalud 2024 XXVII National Congress on Health Informatics organized by the Spanish Society of Health Informatics.

Pensamiento crítico

Critical thinking

Human nature tends toward minimum effort and, therefore, to shift work and responsibilities to others. As a probable consequence, critical thinking towards oneself is also limited, since submitting oneself to judgment implies an additional effort. We speak of...

Pet insurance: Models and bases

User Experience in Health Insurance: Semantic Web

Delonia at the UK Captive Summit London 2024

Delonia attends and participates in the UK Captive Summit held in London on February 22, 2024.

Comunicación e intercambio de información

Communication and exchange of information

Communication and information exchange is vital in companies, not only internally but also with customers and suppliers. Digitization and centralization of information improves performance.

Delonia en la prensa: El Periódico destaca el proyecto Smart Mobility Analytics

Delonia in the news: Smart Mobility Analytics project highlighted in El Periódico article

We are proud to share that Delonia Software has been featured in Barcelona-based newspaper El Periódico. The company was mentioned in an article that talks about the Spanish Port Authority’s Ports 4.0 fund. The fund, which aims to improve port management, operations...

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