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Solutions for insurance companies

New solutions for the insurance sector.


We apply quality methodologies and processes that make the systems robust. We provide validation and certification mechanisms for software developed by Delonia or third parties. In addition, we intervene in other projects to solve specific problems.


Our solutions are not only fast and efficient, but also tailored to the customer’s needs and fully customizable. Success in the project translates into customer satisfaction. We are always driven by the desire to provide solutions to problems.

Delonia Magazine

Is it time for private eprescription?

It is curious what happened at the end of 2022 with the management of medical prescriptions in Argentina. here, the Ministry of Health revoked a rule that allowed to be sent to patients, by e-mail or WhatsApp, paper prescriptions scanned or photographed. In this way,...

Vemont, the US captive industry leader

Vermont regulators use the following slogan to attract captive insurance companies: “our reputation protects your reputation.”

European Captive Forum 2022

Conclusions after the European Captive Forum 2022

Around 200 Captive Owners met at the European Convention Centre with the aim of building a better and more sustainable future.

European Cautive Forum 2022

European Captive Forum 2022: A Must in Captive Insurance

The European Captive Forum is the event where the captive insurance community meets to study the current situation and is held on November 9 and 10, 2022 at the European Convention Center in Luxembourg.

Historia clínica interconectada

Interconnected Medical Record

Professionals must deal with the absence of an interconnected medical record between communities, which leads to problems for patients.

Beneficios para empleados

Digitization, the key to employee benefits

The digitalization of the entire process is crucial for companies to offer their employees attractive benefits that, rather than being an expense, add value and performance.

The importance of data in captive insurance

There is life beyond the spreadsheet, an effective tool but with clear limitations. Captive insurance and reinsurance companies must manage a multitude of data that come from different sources and are not homogeneous. Reality shows us that, in most cases, the data is...

Captives in today’s changing market: point of view from the 2022 European Captive Summit

Some 60 Captive Owners & Professionals highlighted the reality of the current state of the captive business practice.

Aseguradoras Cautivas

7 Myths About Captives

1. The main objective of the captive is to save money There is no doubt that the ability to reduce insurance costs is an important consideration for any company, but not the most important one when choosing between traditional or captive insurance. The key word here...

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